SpirALS with TEAM: Managing Learner Support Delivery, Quality and Outcomes Online.

TEAM (The Tutor Evidence and Attendance Module) is an extremely cost effective, simple to use, browser-based, add-on module integrated with SpirALS, designed specifically for learning support staff to record detailed evidence of actual support session activity, reviews, targets and outcomes. The system is accessible to any authorised user who has a web browser, on their PC, laptop or netbook, Tablet PC or even their phone!

Administrators and Managers use the 'Programme Validator' function in SpirALS to verify contributions from TEAM users and highlight any errors or omissions that could impact upon quality of delivery, audit, inspection or funding. SpirALS can then use support session information to automatically calculate and maintain individual learner support cost records, massively reducing the burden for administrators of continually recalculating these costs.

This gives everyone concerned a real-time, transparent overview of all support activity for day to day monitoring of delivery, and comparison of actual costs against initial estimates for budgetary purposes.

See TEAM in action

If you would like to see a fully-functional live interactive demo of TEAM, please contact us for a username and password or better still, why not organise an online presentation which we can tailor to address your specific questions or requirements.

If you would like to hear about the real-life benefits that TEAM has brought to staff, and providers just like yourself,  take a couple of minutes to read one of our growing list of case studies and success stories.

Streamline processes, reduce costs, cut paperwork and improve provision

TEAM allows your support coordinators and staff to:

  • Ensure a consistent approach is adopted for recording support activity
  • Plan and schedule Support Programmes and session times
  • Complete session logs and evaluation of the session by staff and learner
  • Log staff and learner attendance & reasons for absence
  • Track distance travelled
  • Share customisable learner targets and achievement status
  • Collaborate easily, to improve the quality of provision
  • Automatically calculate and update individual learner costs with total accuracy and confidence.

Whether you want to focus on the big picture of delivery, or want to drill down to individual learner sessions or tutor group outcomes, TEAM gives you immediate control and intelligent insight for around the same price as a cup of coffee per user per day!

"TEAM is so easy to use and our support staff now realise the value and importance of recording what they’re doing. Instead of waiting weeks for poorly completed workbooks to arrive from our other campuses, I can monitor everything directly from SpirALS on my desk.  I couldn’t live without it, and my manager is always impressed how quickly I can give him information when he needs it. It used to take weeks to get a report designed by the MIS Dept., by which time it was usually to late to be of use. The system is specifically designed for Learning Support and I don’t believe that anyone knows more about learning support provision than Midas Systems, who genuinely do provide some of the best customer service I have come across.  I can’t imagine how we survived without them."

K.K. MIS ALS Administrator (Herts.)